Sunday, 22 November 2015

BlackBerry smartphone with Android and 'slider' appears on the web; look

BlackBerry smartphone with Android and 'slider' appears on the web; look

A new smartphone from BlackBerry leaked on the Internet, on Friday (21). And the model has some interesting features,starting with the fact that the Android operating system.In addition, the visual recalls the best known technology as "slider" which was a hit in the late 90's and early 2000.
 The device had already been rumored a few months ago and now reappeared on the network.

A supposed instrument of disclosure image leaked in recent days, but there was some suspicion around it. But with the BlackBerry appearing in the video, it seems that the smartphone is something real. There is no official confirmation of BlackBerry and even Google about it.

The famous Twitter profileEvleaks released short videos showing the BlackBerry device, which would have a sliding screen. To be raised, it reveals a QWERTY physical keyboard underneath. The CrackBerry site also had some details revealed gadget as his codename "Venice".

Friday, 13 November 2015

Free Download LINE app For Android, Iphone, Windows

LINE apk Download Latest Version LINE apk

LINE app For Android

LINE apk
Category: Social Networking
Version: 5.7.0
Size: 31.6 MB
Apple Watch: Yes
Languages: Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic
Developer: LINE Corporation
© LINE Corporation
4+ Rating

Description of LINE apk

Call and completely free and unlimited messages!

  • LINE is a new application that can call and send messages with FREE emotions, any time,             anywhere 24 hours a day.
  • Number 1 in the category of free applications from the App Store in 52 countries, among which   are Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India,       Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia , Macao, UAE ...

New Features of LINE

 With Keep all at hand
 Save messages, photos and videos and easily share them with Keep yours.

More features LINE

voice and video calls FREE
Enjoy voice calls and High Quality Video calls from your iPhone anytime, from anywhere in the   world.

International calls are also free.
messages sent and received instantly
Forget the emails, using LINE messaging feature to send instant messages easily and quickly.
You can send emojis, pictures, location information ...

A new way of communication with the stickers and emoji. Send photos and messages quickly and easily voice.

You can also use it from your computer.
Improving communication

Keep up with your friends using the Timeline feature where you can post photos, text, movies, stickers and location information.

See your favorite characters in the shop Stickers
All famous characters are here waiting with some stickers full of humor and fun. "
Useful information from official accounts LINE
Adding these accounts will receive official messages and special information.

Like other applications, their use may incur data transfer. It is recommended to use these services with a flat rate.

LINE Corporation web site           Technical Support LINE

How LINE app works

IPhone Screenshot

 How it use line app

Apple Watch

           line app for apple

Monday, 12 October 2015

The keys on your notebook 'fallen'? Learn how to fix without spoiling

The keys on your notebook 'fallen'? Learn how to fix without

Drop the notebook's key is normal, and the solution is thankfully simple. We present solutions for two situations: when the button only the top leaves and when the part moves with the frame. Learn to back by your laptop's key and take out your typing problems.

Only the cover fell

Step 1. If only the Tacla cover fell, first place it in the correct position in relation to space on the  keyboard;

Step 2. Then place the lid on the empty space in the center and press until you hear a 'clicking' to indicate that the key was embedded notebook;

Step 3. Look sideways button to verify that it is aligned to the other. This means that the fit is perfect.

Key fell the frame

Step 1. It can happen to the frame which is under the key fall together. In this case, the pins of the first recess lower part (1) in the hole of the largest part (2);

Step 2. If properly fitted, the pieces will be according to the image;

Step 3. Now the two plug pins of the upper part mounted on a small keyboard handle;

Step 4. Then press the bottom, so that the lower pins are also engaged;

Step 5. Finally, simply position the button cover and press at the center, as explained in the previous step.

How much data Does App Periscope use?

How much data Does App Periscope use?
data Does App Periscope use

Periscope new application streaming live Twitter is becoming a big hit, but those with limited data plans that the amount of data used to wonder. Periscope is a new Twitter application that allows any live what you see through your iPhone camera and broadcast to the world. It was released last week and comes just a few weeks after Meerkat - another app-live - was released. Periscope and Meerkat are similar in a way that allows users to instantly beam live anything from their phones, but Periscope seamlessly integrates with Twitter, so that is one of the best options for users of Twitter. While the main feature of Periscope is being able to live in the current moment from the point of view of your camera iPhone is also a fun application to use as a spectator, as the first page of the constant application has new content updated live with random users live in what they feel like. It's fun to see what people are doing crazy things, and it's certainly fun to sit there and lose a little time just to see live videos.

 However, these applications consume a lot of bandwidth, considering you're viewing live video, which is fine if you're in a WiFi connection, but if you're out on a data connection, having fun with periscope can it will cost you if you have a limited data plan. Personally, using periscope for about 30 minutes just browsing through live streams resulted in about 400 MB of data used. That's not much of her face, but if you only have a monthly data plan of 2 GB, 400 MB is almost a quarter of its data for the month, so if you were to use the periscope every day, your data allowance would be gone in a blink. Before you know it, you're paying fees for excess on your plan smartphone, if you're not careful. There are several things you can do to keep an eye on the use of data . If you're on Verizon, you can use the widget iOS carrier 8, which gives you the right use of data in the notification center, so it is easy to see how much data you have left for the month.

Another thing you can do is if you think you'll go over your data allowance for the month, you can temporarily increase your data plan only for the month to avoid having to pay fees for excess highest use. 

For example The most levels in More Plans All Verizon are separated by $ 10 a month, so just hit to the next level only for the month will save $ 5, since rates of excess start at $ 15. From Otherwise, you'll be more aware of how you use your data. Make sure you connect to a Wi-Fi network when possible and turn off wireless access to certain applications that do not necessarily need. You can also disable iOS Background 8 App Refresh, preventing restoration applications in the background while you are not using, you can use the data without your knowledge. It is also a good idea to avoid cloud applications to use the data cell, like uploading photos and other files with your iPhone can add up quickly. If you do all this, then hopefully have more data to play around with, and you can use the periscope more often without feeling nervous about going by over your monthly limit.

Deleting Periscope transmissions ?

Deleting Periscope transmissions?

The Periscope, application Twitter that lets you stream live video worldwide, maintains a copy of the recorded streaming profile. This video can be accessed by their followers and other users at any time. If you do not want that to happen, just delete the transmission.
Periscope transmissions
Periscope transmissions
What is Periscope? See how to use the app streaming videos
Check hint and see how to perform the simple procedure in the versions of the application Periscope for iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices or Android.

Step 1. Open the Periscope and tap on the button at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on the icon represented by the silhouette of a person in the upper right corner
Step 2. Touch "Transmissions" and locate the video you want to delete. That done, tap on it to slide left and finally tap "Delete"

Step 3. Open the Periscope and touch on the third button in the upper left corner of the screen. Then tap on the icon represented by the silhouette of a person in the upper right corner;
Step 4. Open "Transmissions" and locate the video you want to remove. Tap on it and hold your finger down for a few seconds. If you want, you can select more than one video to be deleted. Finally, tap the trash can icon in the upper right corner, and confirm.

Ready! With these tips, you can delete your transmissions to prevent other users from viewing.

Friday, 9 October 2015

[Hack] Paradise Bay cheat patched endless coins No root required free download

[Hack] Paradise Bay cheat patched endless coins No root required
Tricks you lack Paradise Bay? It is not difficult, here is the answer for everyone! With Hack Paradise Bay can get any number of coins and jewelry! Paradise Bay Cheat tool is also not really totally useful and difficult to use. To play Paradise Bay has never been easy so far. 

]Paradise Bay cheat patched 
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Using hacking tool Paradise Bay .First you have to decide which method to use to deceive the game. You can choose from Paradise Bay Hack Tool and the APK (IPA to IOS) file.Paradise Bay Hack Tool Download and install below.Connect your Android or iOS device to your PC via USB (must have the game already installed).Open the tool hack s Choose your features and enter values.The last - click & Button verify patch game, the game will be updated automatically.Enjoy your hack!APK (IPA to IOS) Tutorial. Download APK (IPA) file and run Select your account and enter your values! At the end just click & Patch verify. Enjoy!

About Hack Paradise Bay:
Over the past days 7 fans was really looking Hack Paradise Bay for android & Gadgets Apple and now, your search is over. Now hack tool Paradise Bay offers on this site, and if you start working with this soft gems get any desired number coins smoothly. Paradise Bay is definitely a great game but it's always very difficult to play in Paradise Bay should not have a good volume of coin jewelry. This application has procurement system in the app which means you have to spend real money to buy extra coins jewelry and such things have a very high price. You should know that today is not any need to spend real money to buy gems currencies. Just apply this special Hack of Paradise Bay and can start generating countless volume of coins jewelry. This program is completely safe and fully advanced. Paradise Bay incredible hack is really good and extremely innovative owing to hack tool is analyzed many times before launch. Hack Paradise Bay is developed by two expert web developers, and these people are better ways to produce hacks that is certainly completely hidden for those responsible for the implementation and useful for players. Each time you hack Paradise Bay, your account is fully protected and can not determine that you are using tricks to produce coins for mobile application gems Paradise Bay. It's really amazing, and the use of this hack and each of us are confident that can be done really useful for men and women, who do not use hack Paradise Bay for the reasons of the ban to obtain.

  1. Create endless coins
  2. Produce unlimited gems
  3. No root required
  4. Absolutely no need to Jailbreak
  5. Perfect anti-Ban System
  6. An automatic update
  7. Absolute safety
  8. Absolutely no trojans and malware on the application
About Paradise Bay:
Sell ​​and buy valuables in the bustling market. Diving deep and find secret they lost in the ocean. Art cousins ​​gather useful goods and resources. Grow and discover the island to discover its secrets. Customize and create your very personal tropical paradise. Swap with friends, islanders, and merchant ships. Cultivate and find wildlife on the island. Collect pieces of map that was lost long ago to find new places in the world.
Download for Apple Devices
Download for Android Devices
Download for PC

Minecraft: Pocket Edition - VER. 0.11.1 apk hack , cheat ,infite Health Free download

Minecraft: Pocket Edition - VER. 0.11.1 hack , cheat ,infite Health Free download
 Minecraft: Pocket Edition - VER. 0.11.1 apk hack , cheat ,infite Health Free download
Minecraft: Pocket Edition apk hack Information :
Minecraft: Pocket Edition VER. 0.11.1
Game Name :  Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Root Needed ? : NO

Minecraft Pocket Edition (demo ) is the portable version for terminals Android Despite not having all the features of its counterpart for computers, it provides a lot of benefits absolutely free .And the best:with a control system fully adapted to touch screens.The possibilities in this version of pocket,for now, are somewhat lower than those of hisolder brother desktop. In this demo version of the game, in addition, instead of the 36 disappear the next time you start to play. For that reason, the fact is that it is not advisable to embark on large buildings in this release.Minecraft Pocket Edition (demo) is a limited version of Minecraft players all the world knows. It has its limitations and drawbacks, but is free (unlike the traditional  version of the game). Moreover, it is far better than  Minecraft: Pocket Edition - VER. 0.11.1 apk hack , cheat ,infite Health Free download
other similar titles as Worldcraft.types of blocks have usually available only count with 18. Nevertheless, we will continue to create thousands of different structures freely.will not be saved between sessions. This means that everything we do in our world, will The biggest drawback of this demo version of Minecraft Pocket Edition is that the games
 Minecraft: Pocket Edition - VER. 0.11.1 apk hack Features :
 Minecraft: Pocket Edition - VER. 0.11.1 apk hack , cheat ,infite Health Free download
1. Infinite Health
2. Infinite Inventory Size
3. Infinite Armor
4. No Knockback
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Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack ,cheat,unlimited Boosters and Lives free downloard

 Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack ,cheat,unlimited Boosters and Lives  free Download :
Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack ,cheat,unlimited Boosters and Lives free downloard
Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack Information :
Bubble Witch 2 Saga VER. 1.37.3
Game Name : Bubble Witch 2 Saga
Root Needed ? : NO

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a casual puzzle game in which players have to move through a world of magic, solving a number of scenarios in which your goal is to remove all colored bubbles.To remove these bubbles, Bubble Witch Saga players will have to pull two other bubbles and link three or more of the same color. That is, it is almost identical to mechanical puzzle bobble mythical, but with a very interesting round nut.
Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack ,cheat,unlimited Boosters and Lives free downloard
When we throw extra bubbles, instead of disappearing and will give us more points, bouncing them in the pots at the bottom of the screen fall. This system is very similar to that observed, for example, Papa Pear Saga (also, and adds an additional component to the game.Furthermore, Bubble Witch Saga 2 players will advance to a similar cut Saga Candy Crush map, so could say has combined the best of its entire catalog in a game.Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a fun puzzle and a beautiful aesthetic that will provide hours of fun for fans of puzzle games.
Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack ,cheat Features :
  • Up to 100 level are activited
  • unlimited Boosters
  • unlimited Lives
  • Bubble Witch 2 Saga apk hack ,cheat,unlimited Boosters and Lives 
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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Spotify Music - VER. ,full version ,Unlock repeating,shuffling free Download

Spotify Music - VER. ,full version ,Unlock repeating,shuffling free Download
Spotify for Android is a great application that will transfer all the music on essential computer program to your favorite mobile phone.With this small application you can listen to thousands of different music albums, select the songs you want and create our custom playlists to which we can access although we have no Internet connection.Best of Spotify is that allow us to access our favorite music anywhere and anytime.
 Spotify Music - VER. ,full version Spotify Music - VER. ,full version

We may start a radio from our songs and discover new artists related to our tastes.Spotify for Android is, without doubt, a must for users of the famous online music service application.Spotify Music - VER. ,full version ,Unlock repeating,shuffling free downloard Unlimited skips ,Unlock repeating ,Unlock shuffling ,Unlock track selection,Unlock seeking ,Bypass ads ,Bypass DRM
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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Panda Pop - VER. 3.4 Unlimited Coins , cheats ,free Download

Panda Pop - VER. 3.4 Unlimited Coins , cheats ,free Download
Panda Pop is a casual game in the style Puzzle Bobble, in which instead of friendly dragons, will control a panda bear. An evil monkey has taken hostage the young panda bear, so their mission is to rescue them (they are enclosed in bubbles colors).The game system is the Panda Pop almost all know and possibly have ever played, from the bottom of the screen have to throw colored balls to try to throw all the colored balls that are in the level.
Panda Pop - VER. 3.4 Unlimited Coins , cheats ,free downloard
 The more we break colored balls with a single launch, the more points we get. In addition, depending on the color of the balls we break, we get energy to activate one of the special powers.Panda Pop find more than 600 levels and a history so vast and complex. At all these levels, though, the mechanics will be virtually identical: throw colored balls and try to clear the level. And thanks to the possibility of challenging our friends we can enjoy the social characteristics of the game.Panda Pop is a fun and with some pretty nice graphics and colorful casual game. One of those titles that can be enjoyed from the smallest to the slightly older.
Panda Pop - VER. 3.4 Unlimited Coins , cheats ,all levels are unlocked click here to Download