Sunday, 23 August 2015

Battery Saver Android With the eStar Saver

Here's How to Save Battery Life on Android with the eStar Energy Saver

Battery Saver Android : The app eStar Energy Saver helps users manage battery use in Android. The free feature shows which applications are consuming more power and provides tool to end use. Also, you can find out how much battery time is still available and the percentage. Check out how to use this tutorial.

Battery Saver Android

Battery Saver for Android Tips
Step 1. Download the eStar Energy Saver and install the app on your phone. Note that, on the home screen are important information like remaining battery time status and the overall percentage;

Step 2. Click the menu icon in the upper right edge corner, and select the "Settings";

battery saver for android

Step 3. Touch the "Battery saving mode" and the next screen, set the battery saving mode. The options such are "Light option", "Normal option " and "Aggressive option";

battery saver android

Step 4. To find out which apps are spending more energy, select "Optimize". Then scroll below and tap the "Energy drain of the all your apps." It will show the list with an icon in each battery;

battery saver for android free download

Step 5. To end the action for an application, tap one of the options and then "Stop". For more information on the  app consumption, select "Detail";

battery saver for android free download

Step 6. If you prefer, you can remove unnecessary applications. To do so, tap and "Remove unnessary apps" and the complete button to "Remove" next to  item you want to delete the cell;

 battery saver android

Step 7. If you need to optimize battery use more urgently,select "Stop energy hogs" and check out the extra time that the cell will gain power. Finally,to  click "Stop".button

battery saver for android estar saver

Ready. Now you  use  app to manage the load on Android  and not be on hand when you need.


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