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Download Candy Crush Saga soda apk - best tips, tricks and tips

Download Candy Crush Saga soda apk - best tips, tricks and tips

Candy Crush Saga soda  tips and tricks
 Just after start playing Candy Crush Saga. Saga Crush soda or candy, you will notice that these types of games are very addictive. Candy Crush Saga as and Candy  Crush Saga Soda come with challenging levels and if you fail at times, so do not worry because there are others that fail as well. Today we'll reveal some hints, tips and tricks to help you move Crush (Soda) Candy Saga levels with ease.
Get used to the matches.Sooner or later you'll be an expert in the identification of matches to create
special Candy Candy Crush. 

Candy Candy Crush Saga

- Striped candy: candy to create this, you have to match four regular candy.If the match is vertical, then the tape will be vertical. If it is horizontal, the band will also be horizontal.
- Wrapped candy: candy To create this, you will need to match five or six sweets
that are "L" or "T" or "plus" shape.

Never rush in Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga and Soda
You do not need to rush into these two games and we suggest you take your time and instead make the correct movements, instead of rushing and lose life. Search the best games and when you are sure it is the best move you can do, do it!

Candy Crush Saga Soda
In this game you have to get used to the color bombs, color special sweets and more
.- Fish: you will have to match four colored candy in a square to form a fish.
 When you match them with three colors, they will also swim and erase a part of the
- Color: Bombs you will need to match a color in order to remove all the candy
that the color of the card.
- Coloring Candies: You will need to match eight candy "T" shape with five in one
 direction and three below.

Start from the bottom or top side?
The answer to this question is quite easy. If you play Candy Crush Saga we suggest you start with the top side. However, if you play Candy Crush Saga Soda, we suggest you start at the bottom.

Make great combos
A good combo can be created by matching a color bomb with a striped candy. Another great combo is by matching a color with a bomb wrapped candy, which will erase all the candy that color around the board. If you match two sprinkled donuts, you will remove all the candy from the map.Candy Crush Saga Soda match special sweets together to provide the same options.

Candy Crush (Soda) Saga Cheats

You do not need to buy extra lives or ask your Facebook friends to give you some lives. Instead, you can make a simple trick that can be done on Android or iOS.To do this, you will just need to change the date of the device and below you can see how you can do this.

On Android, you will need to go to Settings-> Date and time, uncheck the "Set time automatically" and press the date and set a day in advance. On iOS, you'll need to go to Settings> General> Date & Time and automatically set to off and set the day after one day in advance.
After Candy Crush Saga open or candy Soda Crush Saga and you'll get your life back.


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