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Candy Crush soda saga: top 10 tips, tricks and tips

Candy Crush soda saga: top 10 tips, tricks and tips
Candy Crush soda saga  top 10 tips, tricks and tips
Candy Crush soda saga: top 10 tips, tricks and tips
Candy Crush Saga Soda is an interesting and innovative game that was developed by The game's plot is simple enough, as Kimmy tries to find his sister Tiffy. However, this new game has a lot more difficult than its predecessor, the Candy Crush Saga. There are many more levels, and many other obstacles. The player can, however, look out for a number of combos that will help them
get more points. Here are ten tips, tricks and tips that will help the player navigate through the most challenging levels and earn free lives quickly.

1. Get a free life quickly

In this game, the player can earn extra lives each about two hours to a maximum of five lives. If a player lacks life, they will be required to wait or pay for gold bullion. However, it is a cheater live free as the player can use to get free lives faster. Just go to the Settings application on the iPhone or iPad and choose the General tab. Click the Time setting and reset the date and time so it is a few hours ahead. Restart the game and you will have a few lives of most candy-crushing.

2. Frozen Bears over recognition under the ice

There are usually a number of frozen bear are buried under one or both ice sheets. After cracking of the first layer, the player will see a color of the buried bears.In this game, candy usually goes through the ice, and it will not act as a barrier. Therefore, the point is to go only after the ice that made the bear stuck in frozen. Do not go around breaking all the ice sheets because it wastes your movements.

3. Do not let pass Soda bottles

Once you reach level of the bear, you will save Bears Bubble. Do not let your bear rise too quickly as this will cause the soda bottles to go off the screen. Make sure all cylinders are paired at the same level or slightly below the bubble Bear. If you are unable to raise the level of soda, you are in a difficult situation. Therefore, always focus on the four corners of your screen for soda bottles you do not pass through knowledge.

4. Vertical stripes Candies will help you achieve the fastest top

After you fit soda bottles on your screen, you can create multiple vertical stripes candy. These sweets should be in the same column as your bubble bear. After the blow, you'll be able to clear an entire row. This will help you get to the top faster. Although this trick is not always easy to implement, the player must take every time they have the opportunity. This is because it will help them to save a few movements. When you try this trick, it is important to ensure that the bear has enough room to grow. Otherwise, the user will simply lose their candy striped on a bear that will not rise high enough.

5. Bear Frosted locations are still random

Some levels are generally quite similar, but the location of the frosted bear is always random.Therefore, when the player decides to start the level they are, they should know that the bears will certainly be frosted in a different place. Therefore, the memory will not help in this game, and the player will have to use their judgment to discover the location of the frozen bear.

6. Use your color wisely Candies

These candies are a new addition to Soda Candy Crush Saga game. The player creates  color candy candy by matching seven on the map. They can then exchange their candy coloring with any other candy on the map. The new piece will then change the color of coloring candy. This can be very useful because it can help the player to erase a lot of pieces on the board. However, they must learn to use these coloring candy wisely. The tip is for the player to ensure that the Board has a reasonable amount of color candy color and the color of the candy they want to exchange it with.

7. Create Only Swedish fish when necessary

In this game, Swedish fish may be called when the player creates a square grid that has four similar sweets. Fish is useful to go to the hard candy to achieve. However, players that are still in frozen bear levels have no candy that is beyond their reach. As Swedish fish are known for things arise randomly, the player will take a chance by calling them. The trick is to create these Swedish fish when
there is a need for them.

8. Understand the bubble levels Bears

The trick is to plan ahead and create a clear strategy to ensure victory. These levels are not timed, and there's really no need to rush. It is important for the player to understand how the sweets move in these levels. There is usually a soda line on the screen. All candies from the bottom to the soda line to flow upwards.However, if the player switches all songs above the line soda, candy go down. The
player should always remember this fact when reading. Since the purpose of this level is to bring the bear above the soda line, they will create a plan that will ensure that the bear is able to rise.

9. Know the obstacles

There are usually a number of obstacles to soda saga. To overcome them, it is important to remember a few rules. Chocolate will keep multiplying unless the player breaks at least one piece of each move. The pieces that cover the chocolatesare gone forever. Therefore, the player must watch their combo pieces chocolates before reaching them.For small cakes, pastries and sweets, plus toppings, the most games the player will have to break them. After getting to the envelope, the player only needs to
 crush suddenly before them. As for the honey, the player must break through it to save the bears.Honey can have up to six layers. The player will have to do some guess work to learn where the bears are. However, where two or layers are gone, they will be able to see a hint of the trapped bears.

10. Rules Apply Candy Crush

Those who played the original candy crush have an easy time playing saga soda crush candy. This is because the rules are applied earlier in this game as well.Therefore, it will be helpful for the player to become familiar with the first play.


Candy Crush Saga Soda is a very fun and challenging play. Fortunately, players who  follow these rules, recommendations, tips, and tricks can easily navigate through the different levels in the game.


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