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how to make a cheap 3D hologram projector using the phone

Learn how to make a cheap 3D hologram projector using the phone

 3D hologram projector : For those who enjoy creative and cheap projects,3D hologram projector for mobile is very interesting. The mold can be made using materials found at home such as a CD case, ruler, stylus and a pen. The project is placed in the smart screen and displays images as if "get out" of the display. Curious? Then check out how to build yours.

Step 1. First gather the necessary material for assembly. You will need graph paper to help in the measurements, the one with the squares (it's easy to find templates to print on the Internet or can be found in stationery costing cents). Separate also a CD case with transparent cover, ruler,
stylus, pen or pencil and a tape (cellophane tape serves);

Step 2. Start the project on graph paper mounting the design of a trapezoid, with measures 1 cm at the top, 3.5 cm on each side and 6 cm at the base. To help check out the image. Start at the top, always using a ruler. The markings on the paper help at this stage as well. To make a guide farthest  line indicating the height;

Step 3. Select the base surface 6 in cm (3 cm for each side) and finally connect each end of top to bottom, forming a trapezoid;

Step 4. Cut the mold with the help of the stylus. It is ideal to use a cutting table or more solid surface for the process. Place the paper on a trapeze of CD covers and mark the edges with a pen. For this disassemble the box and arefully remove the borders;

Step 5. Finally cut the CD cover with the stylus and make 4 equal trapezoids

Step 6. Now just assemble. Small pieces of cellophane tape or check Cut and joining the side of the models, always leaving the base with the side of 1 cm. To help in the final stage, make a shell with one hand and finalize the assembly;

Step 7. Do the same procedure joining with 4 pieces until  the model is solid and complete;

Step 8. The 3D hologram projector is ready. Now just access position the template on the smartphone screen, on a local  level and access full-screen one of the videos from YouTube with names like "HOLHO 4 Faces Pyramid" and "Pyramid  Hologram Screen".

It is important that the underlying video to be done with the four images and the center marked with an "X": place the projector in the center of the dial;

Step 9. Point. Videos are available with animated images  of the moon, animals and more. See how is the result;

If you prefer a larger model for tablets, just fold all measures. Check out the video the effect of holograms 3D

 projector in action:

Sample video to use with the project:

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