Monday, 24 August 2015

How to simplify your life with top 10 life hacking tricks

How to simplify your life with top  life hacking tricks 

These tricks helps to lead the simplify life.Now i show you best tricks that are simplify your life with top  life hacking tricks .

1.Uses buso to make a bag for the computer.

2.No one is too small to help with the cleanup.

3.Intelligent beach.

4.Almost free.

5.So you can sleep on the bus without being robbed bag.

6.Old audio cassette is used as mobile stand.

7.Use books binded cover as a mobile stand.

8.use pins as mobile stand.

9.So easy you have a speaker for cell.

10.The easiest way to peel a boiled egg is put in cold water. After a little while you take it out and put it on the table. Put your hand up and about rodalo on the table. Once you drop the shell.

11.To peel garlic easily put the garlic in a jar and shake strongly for a while. Thus the shell is removed and the hands are not smelling of garlic.

12.Make a hole in the middle of the plate, so the heat is distributed better when hot food.

13.An onion ring makes the perfect way a fried egg.

14.Toothpaste works not only for teeth.

15.Stick a tennis ball and you can have anything there.

16.Use light cell and put it under a water bottle to create a lantern.

17.Also you tired of all disorganized cables?

18.Do not burn when you go to light the candle. Best uses a spaghetti.

19.With the boom of an old pen, not the cable is bent.

20.Coffee beans can be used for many things.

21.Did you get tired of annoying advertising in games cell? Put it in airplane mode.

22.use sunglass as the mobile stand


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