Monday, 12 October 2015

How much data Does App Periscope use?

How much data Does App Periscope use?
data Does App Periscope use

Periscope new application streaming live Twitter is becoming a big hit, but those with limited data plans that the amount of data used to wonder. Periscope is a new Twitter application that allows any live what you see through your iPhone camera and broadcast to the world. It was released last week and comes just a few weeks after Meerkat - another app-live - was released. Periscope and Meerkat are similar in a way that allows users to instantly beam live anything from their phones, but Periscope seamlessly integrates with Twitter, so that is one of the best options for users of Twitter. While the main feature of Periscope is being able to live in the current moment from the point of view of your camera iPhone is also a fun application to use as a spectator, as the first page of the constant application has new content updated live with random users live in what they feel like. It's fun to see what people are doing crazy things, and it's certainly fun to sit there and lose a little time just to see live videos.

 However, these applications consume a lot of bandwidth, considering you're viewing live video, which is fine if you're in a WiFi connection, but if you're out on a data connection, having fun with periscope can it will cost you if you have a limited data plan. Personally, using periscope for about 30 minutes just browsing through live streams resulted in about 400 MB of data used. That's not much of her face, but if you only have a monthly data plan of 2 GB, 400 MB is almost a quarter of its data for the month, so if you were to use the periscope every day, your data allowance would be gone in a blink. Before you know it, you're paying fees for excess on your plan smartphone, if you're not careful. There are several things you can do to keep an eye on the use of data . If you're on Verizon, you can use the widget iOS carrier 8, which gives you the right use of data in the notification center, so it is easy to see how much data you have left for the month.

Another thing you can do is if you think you'll go over your data allowance for the month, you can temporarily increase your data plan only for the month to avoid having to pay fees for excess highest use. 

For example The most levels in More Plans All Verizon are separated by $ 10 a month, so just hit to the next level only for the month will save $ 5, since rates of excess start at $ 15. From Otherwise, you'll be more aware of how you use your data. Make sure you connect to a Wi-Fi network when possible and turn off wireless access to certain applications that do not necessarily need. You can also disable iOS Background 8 App Refresh, preventing restoration applications in the background while you are not using, you can use the data without your knowledge. It is also a good idea to avoid cloud applications to use the data cell, like uploading photos and other files with your iPhone can add up quickly. If you do all this, then hopefully have more data to play around with, and you can use the periscope more often without feeling nervous about going by over your monthly limit.


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