Monday, 12 October 2015

The keys on your notebook 'fallen'? Learn how to fix without spoiling

The keys on your notebook 'fallen'? Learn how to fix without

Drop the notebook's key is normal, and the solution is thankfully simple. We present solutions for two situations: when the button only the top leaves and when the part moves with the frame. Learn to back by your laptop's key and take out your typing problems.

Only the cover fell

Step 1. If only the Tacla cover fell, first place it in the correct position in relation to space on the  keyboard;

Step 2. Then place the lid on the empty space in the center and press until you hear a 'clicking' to indicate that the key was embedded notebook;

Step 3. Look sideways button to verify that it is aligned to the other. This means that the fit is perfect.

Key fell the frame

Step 1. It can happen to the frame which is under the key fall together. In this case, the pins of the first recess lower part (1) in the hole of the largest part (2);

Step 2. If properly fitted, the pieces will be according to the image;

Step 3. Now the two plug pins of the upper part mounted on a small keyboard handle;

Step 4. Then press the bottom, so that the lower pins are also engaged;

Step 5. Finally, simply position the button cover and press at the center, as explained in the previous step.


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